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Free GPS Tracking Real time on Map

Test Version for Everyone

Dear Friends,

We passed Alpha Closed Test Version and now released Alpha Open Version for everyone.

If you want to install Best Friend Follower App and try it, just click on this link:


It is Lite Version and FREE.


Best Friend Follower by Invitation

Dear Friends,

We released Best Friend Follower App on Google Store. At this phase it is reachable just by invitation. It is FREE.

If you want it please send your google account email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to info @ bestfriendfollower.com and let us add you to the list, then try this link.

You can try it with excellent features.

We changed our name

Best Friend Follower is our new name.

Hi friends,

We changed our name from Fozzool to Best Friend Follower and working to update our site and release a new Android App under this name very soon.

All your accounts should work as before with this new App and web site.



Fence Feature

Just tap a location on the map and hold it. App makes a circular virtual fence for you.

When you arrived near this fence, device notify you.

If you ask to see your friend on the map, then when your friend arrived near fence, it notifies you.

To delete a fence, just tap on it's icon to open it's text box. then touch this text box.

Enjoy and let us know how do you use it?





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