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Do I need to register?

Yes. You need to register by BestFriendFollower APP or directly at www.BestFriendFollower.com and set a username and password

How can I register from BestFriendFollower App?

When BestFriendFollower App started, tap on the SIGN UP FOR BestFriendFollower button. On the pop up box, type your Name (We suggest your real name and family name to let your friends find you), Username, Password, Confirm Password and your Email. Finally tap on the Sign Up for BestFriendFollower button. To close this box tap on the Close button.

Which devices your service supports?

We support just Android devices for now.

Any android device can be used?

We suggest Android 4 and up.

Do I have to pay?

No. This service is free for personal use with one device for 3 days tracking and we do not charge you, but your phone company would charge you for data.

How use my username and password on the device?

When you start the App on the device, there is 3 boxes. Enter your username and password from BestFriendFollower. Finally tap on the LOGIN button.

Does device alert me that your App is on and sending data?

No. You have to logoff when you do not need it.

In what time interval your App send my location?

Every minute, if device finds a change location it sends your location to our servers.

Does your service is %100 precise?

No. Our service works based on GPS functionality and since GPS accuracy changes, our service could not be %100 precise. But we do our best to set the best service.

Can I see my route from your App on the device?


How can I see my route?

You have two options: BestFriendFollower to see your route on a map in the device or you can log in to BestFriendFollower.com by your username and password, then go to "My Account"_"Track My Devices" menu, select your device, day, let PIN blank. Finally click on "GPS Tracking".

How can I use BestFriendFollower App to see my route?

First Login. App shows your route. Drag screen from left to right and select "Set Date". Select a day and tap on Set button.

What is Virtual Geo-Fence?

If you set a Geo-fence, when you or any friend reached it, you will get a Notification.

How set Virtual Geo-Fence?

Just point your finger on any location on the map and hold for a second. Geo-Fence is a 1 KM circle.

Does Geo-Fence works just on my device?

Yes. Nobody can see or get notification. Just you on your device.

How delete Geo-Fence?

Touch it. Touch it's info box.

If device stopped moving, do you continue to send data from device?

Yes, but to save device's battery life and your money, if we found low speed (Stop to slow walking), then reduce our data send rate from 1 minute to 10 minutes.

What is "Friends" menu?

Type Friend's name in the "Name to search" box and tap +FIND FRIENDS button. A box shows you people name. Select one and tap SEND REQUEST button. System will set a request for your friend and send an email. They can Accept or Deny your request. By accepting, your both map will be shared by FRIEND MAP button. -UN FRIND button, terminates friendship.

Is it a two ways request? If my friend, accept my request to see his route, can he see mine too?

Yes. By accepting the request, you will be his friend as well.

What is Near By Friends?

If App finds one of your firneds is online and in 25 KM of your last location in last 2 hours, his icon, on his last location on the map and under the map will be shown.

What is the number beside BFF App Icon?

It shows the number of your online Near By Friends. When you see their route from Friends page, tap their icon from bottum of map to see their location or they are not near to you any more, this number will be cleared.

What does colors on route means?

It shows speed.
BLACK<=10 Km/h,
RED between 10 and 50 Km/h,
BLUE between 50 and 80 KM/h,
GREEN between 80 to 120 Km/h, and
YELLOW > 120 Km/h.

My Android device does not let me install more Apps and says "no memory space"?

You have to install a SD Card and move some Apps to the SD Card. To do that you need a little technical skills. Read this article to see what to do.



If you can not find your answer here, just send us a question to info@BestFriendFollower.com





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